E-commerce Websites

e-commerce web designWithout a doubt, online commerce is a powerful means to make your product or service available 24/7, worldwide. E-commerce is growing exponentially as customers are becoming more comfortable with online purchasing, but in order to gain that trust, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Make it easy to find your products or services
  • Clear and logical presentation of product information
  • Make your site secure
  • Follow safe information practices and provide a privacy policy
  • Make the checkout process easy and not cumbersome
  • Provide multiple ways to contact you at any point in the process
  • Provide confirmation of the order and be clear on when it will be fulfilled/delivered.
  • E-commerce needs to work for you and should compliment your existing business.
  • In addition, it should be easily updateable by any member of your staff and have the ability to accept credit cards in real time or manually with offline processing

Our pricing will depend largely on the features of your store and the number of products you have. If you are selling services, your application will need to be customized depending on the kind of information you need to collect in order to fulfill that service.

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