Our Web Design Process

website design process strategyProbably the question I am most asked (besides the cost) is how the whole website process works. What is required to get things going and what is the first step?

Below I have outlined an overview of what to expect and how the process evolves throughout your project.

Ultimately its about listening, understanding and learning about your business and working with you to achieve the end product.

After I send you my initial proposal/quote and we agree to work together we review your current brand, competitors and ultimately where you want to end up. We define goals and site objectives and discuss look and feel.

I then start by creating some mock-ups of the home page and an interior page. Depending on your budget and project scope, other major pages of the site will be laid out as well. At this point everything is only images and no coding has actually begun. Changes are more easily made at this stage and there is a lot of back and forth in refinements until we arrive at something that matches your vision.

Once the design is nailed down we begin setting up the test site environment and coding pages. You are given access for review and feedback.

We continue to refine the pages and ensure things such as browser compatibility and bugs and are all taken care of. A more detailed road-map is outlined below.


  • Where you are now; and where you want to go
  • Discuss target audience, industry, products or services
  • Define site structure (creating a wire frame)
  • Identify competition
  • Initial Proposal (Quote)

Detailed project outline

  • Determine look and feel
  • Re-define company vision, goals and marketing plans
  • Define details in content, copy and delivery plan


  • Concept development: home page and one interior page are designed
  • First draft of content received from client or copywriter
  • Client feedback and revisions


  • Production of HTML templates and initial coding
  • Set up of development site

Internal Testing

  • Cross platform testing is conducted
  • Usability testing
  • Browser compatibility
  • De-bugging

Client Review

  • Client reviews
  • Submit all revisions


  • Site goes live
  • Another round of internal testing is conducted
  • Site is submitted to search engines (as required)

Post Launch

  • Review initial impact and feedback
  • Send documentation or schedule training for maintaining your site
  • Strategy for ongoing marketing efforts

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