Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to design my site?

The length of time will really depend upon many factors:

  • The scale and size of the website
  • Availability and preparedness of the materials such as written content you are supplying to us
  • Sophistication of the graphic design for the project

What do you need and how does this all work?

You can see a more detailed breakdown of our design process that will give you a better idea on what to expect.

You would typically supply us with the written content and promotional materials you currently have. It should be rewritten for a website audience since promotional flyers, etc. don’t translate well to the internet. We can give you guidelines for writing the content to make it easier. Alternately, we can arrange to have your content written for you at an additional cost. People tend to scan on the web so your titles should reflect this and not be overly wordy.

If you do choose to write your own content, do not underestimate how long it will take. A good rule of thumb is to at least double however long you think it will take.

Other less tangible aspects such as design or layout ideas are handled in the preliminary meetings where you specify any preferred color schemes and sample web sites that appeal to you. If you have a logo already we will use that as a starting point.

If you are selling products on-line (in excess of 30 items) we will require a database of your product line, though one can be set up for you. If you have pictures for each product they will need to be delivered to us either by hard copy or electronically.

Do you have a price list?

Since no two web sites are exactly the same, a generalized price list doesn’t really apply. Unlike some other companies we don’t just use a series of templates. Everything we build is a custom entity moulded to the needs of what the site has to accomplish for you.

Typically we will quote a package price once the structure of the site is developed which allows for minor additions and changes without incurring extra fees. Programming or database driven projects are billed on an hourly basis with projected cost outlines that are pre-approved by the client.

To help us get a good sense of what your site may cost, feel free to fill out our online quote request form which provides us with some of the key information required to provide an estimate.

How do people find my website?

There are several ways for people to find you:

  • Search engines
  • Paid traffic
  • Links from other sites (including social media)
  • Putting your website address on promotional material
  • Your email signature

Advertising on industry-related websites, traditional media (magazines, newspapers, etc.) will also help your marketing strategy. A single link from a good site can do more for you than paid traffic in some cases. A good marketing campaign includes traditional media support to help get the word out.

Can you guarantee my site will appear on the first page in a search engine?

Google’s search algorithms are always being changed – which can sometimes have a major impact on previously tried and tested methods. Search engines like Google are trying to create the best user experience possible and serve the most optimal matches while weeding out spammers and low quality content sites. Care must be taken not to engage in practices that will result in getting you either blacklisted or otherwise penalized and suffer lower search ranking results.

Several factors come into consideration for determining your ranking. Key among them are the number of quality, industry-related authoritative sites linking to you. Other factors such as social media clout, whether or not your business is active on Google+, on-page factors such as keywords (words that people type into a search engine to find a site like yours), page titles, age of your domain name and a whole host of other factors come into play. It has become an ever moving and elusive target that only those with years of experience can comprehend and assess.

The game keeps changing but we can help you achieve good results.  SEO success is not an overnight sensation. Think organic – think working the soil, planting the seeds and regular nurturing to make sure the your garden doesn’t wilt and die in the sun.

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